uCat - For Retail
Up-to-date Master-Data for all retail business processes
Planograms | Weight and Dimensions | Title | Description | Manufacturer | and more
years of experience working with Master-Data
mandatory product description fields are filled in by our team
suppliers are constantly updating their assortment on our catalogue
40 000 +
products with complete hierarchy added to the catalogue
Learn more about REST API, supported by catalogue, you can follow the link - https://nikalogic.github.io/
Additional services for retail
to make trademark and import goods
The total cost of adding 1 SKU into the catalogue
215 UAH
This is a complete set of services for publication of a product in the catalogue.
The price includes:
Taking measures according to GDSN standards (per SKU)
40 UAH
Professional photography (per SKU)
30 UAH
Professional photo processing by graphic designer (per SKU)
40 UAH
GDSN Product information data entry (per SKU)
55 UAH
Product information data entry in Ukrainian (per SKU)
10 UAH
Product information data entry in Russian (per SKU)
10 UAH
Product information data entry in English (per SKU)
15 UAH
Title translation (full title and alias) in English (per SKU)
15 UAH
Dispatching a team for taking photos and measurements
240 UAH+ 5 UAH/km
Input data on usage information, precautions, etc. from the label (per SKU). (used by E-Commerce networks)
50 UAH
Copywriting in Russian / Ukrainian (up to 1000 characters)
70 UAH
Copywriting in English (up to 1000 characters)
90 UAH

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